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Reese Taylor

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Q: What inspired/inspires you?

A: Whatever I do in life I want to have a platform where I can shed light and kindness and love, and I know that seems so generic but I truly want that for the world and we need that in the industry! There are so many amazing artists that have amazing music but are just awful influences, and we need more people with a good platform that are good influences! As for writing my music I get inspired by things that have happened to me and things that happen to my friends, just things teenagers experience! And my songwriting grows with me so interesting and unique to see it develop over time.

Q: How did you get involved in music?

A: I have always loved performing since a young age when I would put on shows for whoever came to my house. At age 10 my mom sent me to guitar camp and at first I was so mad at her because I thought it was going to be so boring but in two days I ended up learning how to play my first song and instantly fell in love with it! To earn my first guitar my parents had me learn the song ‘Hotel California’, and after I learned it on my friend’s guitar I received my first guitar for my 11th birthday! Since then I have been singing, writing, producing, and composing! I remember my mom used to take my guitar away instead of my phone whenever I got in trouble. That’s how glued to it I was and still am! At ages 12-14 I wrote, produced and composed my first album called, ‘Focus’ also made and edited all my own music videos! Since then I have released 3 singles and I have been very busy up in LA with many meetings and projects!


Any favorite artists or songs? Role models?

My all time favorite artist and someone who I developed my sound from is for sure Lennon Stella! My parents have also raised me listening to 80’s and 90’s music especially a lot of hip/hop so I love all genres I like to take inspiration for all genres!

How long does it usually take to write a song?

It usually takes anywhere from 5 min to an hour usually super quick it’s crazy, sometimes I just make up these scenarios in my head and start writing! Really it’s quite amazing how our brains work!

What are you the most proud of? Favorite song that you’ve written?

I am most proud of being in contact, scouted and now working with top record companies that was always a goal for me! And my favorite song I have written is not actually out yet but I wrote for my sister who is struggling with Lyme disease for about a year now!

What goes into your music video making processes?

Filming music videos are fun but also a learning process since I am building the skills as I go! In my upcoming video for my new single being released next Friday called ‘After the Party’ it was definitely a step up from my past videos, with more professional film work and editing! However I also kept it down to earth in the sense that I incorporated some of my favorite people in this video that poured their creative vision and input into the video! All my videos just bring my songs to life so I am so excited to show everyone this new one!!

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