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Poems by Beatrice Mazzon

Ryan Vonn & amp; Adam of Dream

I saw you in my dreams again
But it wasn’t really you, rather-
who you used to be.
Just as funny, just as sneaky
Same moonlight smile, same revolutionary heart,
though undeniably, inexplicably different
You didn’t sit on the railing, dangle your feet over the water,
reach just a little too far, unafraid
I am afraid.
Thrice you have faded from my grasp
I wasn’t supposed to get attached,
you seem to be the only thing I am capable of attaching to
Even now, the memory of you guards me
I spit my shattered teeth into your hands,
unaware of the price of your protection
I have watched your body fall-
once onto the unyielding floor of a greenhouse,
once into the uncaring, iridescent sea,
once into a sunrise streaked with sapphires,
and thousands of times into the open air,
Where you belong, and where I can never truly reach you.

They Never Believe Me (II)

Snip snip go the scissors
Clinging grey filaments like poison, still they stay
Ancient empress on a spike of stone,
melt to lava and back, which is which?
Old money looks like new money
We’re all waiting here, something should be starting but it never does
Grey pastels against a starry sky - the church has no ceiling
Something is wrong, they don’t listen (they never do)
Mother says sit down and be quiet, I go upstairs
Put on a wedding dress even though I’m walking towards my death
Climb out the window and onto the roof
My eyes are glued shut but I jump anyway
Everything is a mess, I feel water but there is no rain
It’s cold outside, the ground is ice and the sky is too open
Make it to the tree but I’m caught
Maybe he is my friend
Snip snip, people instead of misty cobwebs

Confession 03
We are so alike, you and I
the sea glistens, separating bodies but conjoining minds
You have been through so much, and I so little
share your wisdom, your brainwaves-
-so vast and dangerously beautiful, older than time
We are creation embodied, words splattered across the empty universe
I am in love with your mind, with the ocean of your soul
It was you who wrote the words that broke me,
when my ocean had been dry for eons, you filled it again
I always thought it would hurt, but you are healing me
Your song may not be the strongest, but it makes me feel
We are poetry made life, drifting on gentle waves
and I never knew I could love this quietly, yet this much

There’s nothing like us

(it’s sunny outside, the grass looks like a song I
haven’t heard before, people are talking in a happy bubble
that we are a part of, yet are strangely separated from)
What are you doing?
(we’re sharing breath now, fingers twine like a
chain link fence and everything is the color of
driftwood under a warm sunset)
You know exactly what I’m doing.
(your heartbeat is like a panicked swan beating against
the barrier of the sky, mine is the thrum of the
earth reminding you I will always be here)
We can’t do this.
(everything is so fragile, from the sunlight filtering
through your hair to the way you control your
breathing, like one wrong move will shatter me)
Why not?
(your eyes are gentle, afraid of what is, what is
not, and what could transpire, my jasmine is so
used to storms but thrives in your sunlight)
Because I’m not enough. There’s someone better and there will always be someone better.
(now I sing to you, because my voice can move
people in ways that my words, my touch, my

empty chest has never been able to)
No, there won’t be.
(maybe a kiss will convince you, maybe the gentle
brush of my thumb on your jaw will be enough
to show that the only taste I want on my lips is the taste of you)

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