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Poems by Mira Chiruvolu

young lover


i only trust the hearts

i can promise myself

won’t speak ill of me

outside our sanctuary


i only trust the smiles

that won’t falter under

the earthquakes or the rain


i only trust the bodies

that won’t limp at my touch


i only trust the people

who pay dues for sins

and look me straight in the eyes 


i give my trust to you

young lover

because you know how 

to live 

and even when you die,

you won’t forget my love. 


forgotten whispers 


your toes curled on the dusty rooftop 

the breeze wisps my neck 

and i sigh into the horizon line 

like chocolate melted over the stove,


a sweet lullaby. 


mumble your breath

onto my eyelids

onto the strings of my limbs

onto the lips of the somber 

seeking summer skyline,


our days under the sun.

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