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After four months of hard work, we are finally ready to present to you the first edition of Blu3 Skie Magazine, Issue 1: Here 2 Stay. Mental health, quarantine, fast fashion's effect on climate chance and Black Lives Matter; this issue encapsulates the emotions and feelings drawn out after being locked in. Our beautiful submissions drench each page in color and words telling a story with each flip. Inside is 30+ pages of art and first-perspective articles from teenagers around the globe. 

Print Magazine

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept returns. In the unlikely chance you do not enjoy this magazine, please recycle it and use it as wall decor or coasters. 

If necessary, please email with any questions or concerns. Due to COVID-19, please allow some unexpected delays for shipping. In return, we packaged the official Blu3 Skie sticker. 

*Adress 2 is required. If an "adress 2" is nonexistant to you, feel free to enter Narnia :)

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